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Tom Hanks

D.O.B. 1956-07-09 | Actor
Best known for:
  • Saving Private Ryan
  • Cast Away
  • The Green Mile
  • Woody in Toy Story
  • Big


I Felt Like I Was Going To Piss All Over Myself From The Excitement.

I met Tom Hanks walking two big ass black labs (maybe? not a dog expert) across a bridge in a little town I won't reveal because it's probably his get away home, and our entire conversation consisted of:

Me (internally) - "OMYFUKKENGOD GET HYPE TOM HANKS!!!!!!!!!!"
Me (externally) - "Good morning!"
Him - "Hey, how's it goin?"
Me - "Pretty good, yourself?"
Him - "Just fine, thanks."

I passed him again on our respectful return routes and he just gave me the head nod. I felt like I was going to piss all over myself from the excitement.

I Was A Nanny For A Hollywood Family

Tom Hanks doesn't just seem like the nicest guy. I was a nanny for a Hollywood family, met hundreds of A-listers. Most of them were self-obsessed wankers, but Tom took the time to shake my hand and made sure he learned my name. He never forgot it. Also he would always say "There's a snake in my boot!" for the youngest of my charges, which obviously made him laugh hysterically.

Happy To Chat With People

Seconded: Tom Hanks came to see his son in a play at a venue that I interned at for the Fringe festival (circa 2007).

At the time, I was experiencing a lovely relapse of my troublesome tendinitis (which I would later learn had become full-blown carpal and cubital tunnel).

We had been lectured to leave him alone/not let people harass him, but a small crowd gathered as he was leaving and he was happy to chat with people take photos, so it was all good.

When I went to get a photo with him, I pulled off the awkward braces/wraps that I had around my wrists (random stuff I had cobbled together from what I could find at Boots) and plopped them on the pavement because I didn't want them in the photo.
I can't remember exactly what he said, but he bent down and picked them up and held them for me while we had the photo taken. It was really sweet

Filming From The Earth To The Moon

I used to live on Edwards AFB in the Mojave Desert of California. During this time, I was witness to several movie and television productions. Tom Hanks was shooting scenes for From the Earth to the Moon which, he was a producer for.

The filming for that was happening adjacent to where my mother was working, my brother and I were there (parents couldn't afford a sitter, so her break room and the TV was our sitter). Mr. Hanks came into the building, I guess to use the rest room, my brother and I got to meet him. Very nice, very polite, was very fascinated in the history of the base.

My Friends Wedding

Was at a friends wedding at the Wynn in Las Vegas and were taking pictures in the Atrium (also the VIP Entrance). He emerged from the double doors behind our group and said "Hey! Is this a wedding? Can I be in the pictures?" Everyone was quite pissed off until we realized it was Tom-Fucking-Hanks.

He took pictures with the whole group and was a general all around great guy.

Came To The Theater I Work At To Watch A Movie

He was in Memphis filming Castaway and came to the theater I was working at to watch a movie. He was all alone :( . He came in about 5-10 minutes before the movie started and got a drink and when some of the employees started asking him for autographs he promised he would be back after the movie as it was about to start.

Sure enough, he came back and signed a bunch of stuff. Real nice about it all too and was talkative too.

Spoke To My Grandad

Right before saving private ryan came out Tom Hanks apparently called a bunch of WWII veterans to thank them and talk about their time in service. He ended up talking to my grandpa for a good hour about all sorts of random things and I heard he was an overall great guy.