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Justin Timberlake

D.O.B. 1981-01-31 | Singer | Actor
Best known for:
  • 'N Sync
  • Cry Me A River (Single)
  • The Social Network
  • Friend's With Benefits


Super Sweet

When I was 13 or so, I went to a filming of MTV's Snowed In, a show featuring NSYNC and Danielle Fishel.

We ended up right against the stage for the entire filming (6 hours of being literally inches from where Justin sat on a stool was amazing) and I was able to get his attention and asked him for his water bottle. He said he'd give it to me when he was done with it... But since he had literally just opened it, I figured he'd forget.

Sure enough. 3 hours later, he finishes it and gets up and walks over to hand it to me. I asked if he'd sign it so he signed it with "I backwash" and his name, which made him smile and chuckle a bit.

When he handed it to me, he crouched down so he was eye level with me and handed it off. Super nice guy!!!

Though I Heard He's Changed

Managing a restaurant on the Gulf Coast, Britney and Justin came in (this was when she was peaking), with their families and entourage.
Justin was a dick to the hostess, a dick to the servers, and a dick to the managers. Britney was very nice, very friendly.