Nice bike

Went to the local bakery to grab breakfast, brushed up against a guy on the way in. He said excuse me and walked out. Grabbed my muffins, walked out and saw a couple of people holding up traffic in the parking lot with a video camera pointed at someone. Looked over and it turns out that not only did I literally bump into him, but I parked right next to Adam Sandler. So I walked over to my bike and he's getting his family into the car and getting the hell outta there to avoid all the paparazzi. We locked eyes for a moment and I really wanted to say hey, I think you're a great actor and shake his hand, but I saw he was peeved and just wanted peace and quiet with his family on a Sunday morning. So I just gave him a nod of understanding and he gave me one back along with a "nice bike" compliment before we both parted ways.
Rating: OK
- rhynolite
10 January 2012, 11:01pm (CST)
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