"Now that's pain!"

Not me, but a friend had an uncle who went to a new bar with some friends and Chuck Norris was sitting there. The bartender explained to them (because they were the new guys) that Chuck Norris was a regular there, and he was a pretty calm, quiet guy and he didn't like a lot of attention. They basically ignored him as best as they could. hen, some other dude gets super wasted and starts basically harassing Chuck Norris, drunkenly quoting his movies and what not. He tries to imitate some of Chuck's moves and falls over into a barstool, knocking himself out and destroying the stool. The whole bar goes silent and my friend's uncle says "Now that's pain!" and Chuck Norris laughs out loud, the first sound he's made all night. Much later that night, when they go to leave the bar, the bartender lets them know Chuck Norris already paid their tab.
Rating: NICE
- ShallowBasketcase
29 February 2012, 03:02am (CST)
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