Time for every single person

While stationed at Al Taqaddum, Iraq, Chuck Norris along with Marshall Teague paid a visit.

Both of these gentlemen spent the time to meet literally every person on this very large base including myself.. Not only did they make a showing but went out of their way to shake the hand of every person serving on the base.
This includes US service members, DOD civilians, foreign service members and foreign contractors!
A daunting task, but it shows just how much these two men love their country and the appreciation they are willing to show to those who are protecting it.

Chuck Norris is an INCREDIBLE man and let's not forget Mr. Marshall Teague as well who starred in Road House, Armageddon and Babylon 5. These guys are beyond nice!

Rating: NICE
- Randy Nichol
7 January 2018, 05:01pm (CST)
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