Down home on his ranch

I stayed on his ranch and B&B a few years ago because it is one of the more affordable places in Carmel, Ca (which is pretty nice in itself to keep prices low on such a beautiful property). At dinner, he showed up and walked through the patio where I was eating (he totally didn't have to, he could have gone around the restaurant, or not come at dinner time. I guess he wanted to greet guests) and walked down to the sheep pen and helped his ranch hand put the sheep in the barn for the night. Then he came back up the hill and got in his minivan and left. Our waiter told us Clint lives up the street from the B&B and invites employees to see his movies before they come out at private screenings at the ranch sometimes. He also said Clint's wife never ever visits the ranch or speaks to employees.
Rating: NICE
- BanesCoat
18 December 2012, 09:12am (CST)
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