"Watch where you're going, asshole."

So my family and I were down in Orlando enjoying an family vacation. We ate at Emeril's restaurant on CityWalk on the way into Island of Adventure and we heard that Emiril was going to be doing a live show there that day. Many "Bam!" jokes are had and we finish up our meal (I got a shitty single serving pizza and it cost me $25) and head into the park. While walking around Toon Town my brother-in-law runs into someone and knocks them straight on their ass. He looks down and it's none other than Emeril Lagasse looking up at him. As my brother helps him up Emeril say "Watch where you're going, asshole." Almost instantly a little tram pulls up and Emeril and his bodyguards hop on and drive away. To top it of the tram even played a song that sounds like it was almost sung by a cartoon character with the lyrics "Step Back, Step Back"
Rating: MEAN
- Akhivies
1 January 2012, 05:01am (CST)
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