A memory that I have with me for the rest of my life

This was years ago, I was maybe 19 or 20 at the time.
Home for the summer from college… I would ride over to Greenfield to take my Grandma to the store.

We were at the Giant Eagle in Squirrel Hill and when we got in line for the checkout, I was just kind of browsing the magazines and my grandma taps me on the shoulder and says "do you recognize him? Standing right in front of us is MR ROGERS!!!!!!!!!!!” I couldn't believe it, he smiled and said "Hello young sir." and went to shake my hand!

I gave him a huge hug!!!!!!!! I then thanked him for everything he taught me, and I told him he was the best!!!! He was very very nice, it was amazing and it is a memory that I have with me for the rest of my life.

RIP Mr. Rogers, thanks for everything.

Rating: NICE
- Tim
9 February 2018, 12:02pm (CST)
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