A couple of years ago...

I was at the Takashi Murakami opening at MOCA Geffen a couple years ago, and there were a reasonable number of celebrities, including Keanu Reeves, milling around, looking at art. Everyone seemed to be doing a pretty good job of just letting them do their their thing. It was a really cool show, a good dj, lots of booze: who needs to harass famous people with all that going on? Enter obnoxious lady. She is completely wasted, starts going up to (incredibly valuable) paintings and scratching at them with her fingernails. "See! just like my Louis Vuitton purse!" She notices that several people are staring at her in horror. "No, don't worry, they're just prints." (they were all originals lent by private collectors and other museums) She wobbles off, and everyone goes back to looking at art, shaking their heads in disbelief. A minute later, she starts shouting across the room, "Keanu! Hey, Keanu!" I turn around and she's draped herself over him, using him to steady her balance and demanding that his friend take her picture. When it became obvious that she didn't want just one, that she wanted to attach herself to his group of friends, he managed to disengage in the classiest, most polite way possible. I didn't catch what he said, but he never raised his voice, and never acted offended that his personal space had been so thoroughly violated. He got her to leave without any fuss, and everyone was able to enjoy the museum in peace.
Rating: NICE
- kobayashi_maru_fail
22 September 2012, 07:09pm (CDT)
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