Mean John Wick

Well this is true we were in NYC he was filming a movie and we found out were, there were people there hoping to get a glance at this man. My son was 9 and he WAS a huge fan of Keanu Reeves.

He wanted an autograph from him, but here's where it gets ugly- he was giving photos, and we got close to him we ask him for a picture but he didn't answer.
He walked away my son was heartbroken "Keanu please" but my son's words were ignored, but I thought maybe he was in a hurry.

Later he finish filming someone brought him a blue coat. He sat at a chair and stayed there drinking a coke and smoking. My son screamed at him hey "Keanu, a photo please".
He didn't care, so about 2 hours later we leave.

The man is mean, he didn't care for a young fan that just wanted a picture. My son didn't deserve that humiliation.

Rating: MEAN
- Alessa Bertilucci
23 January 2017, 10:01pm (CST)
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