Happy to chat with people

Seconded: Tom Hanks came to see his son in a play at a venue that I interned at for the Fringe festival (circa 2007). At the time, I was experiencing a lovely relapse of my troublesome tendinitis (which I would later learn had become full-blown carpal and cubital tunnel). We had been lectured to leave him alone/not let people harass him, but a small crowd gathered as he was leaving and he was happy to chat with people take photos, so it was all good. When I went to get a photo with him, I pulled off the awkward braces/wraps that I had around my wrists (random stuff I had cobbled together from what I could find at Boots) and plopped them on the pavement because I didn't want them in the photo. I can't remember exactly what he said, but he bent down and picked them up and held them for me while we had the photo taken. It was really sweet
Rating: NICE
- nekokuroneko
8 February 2012, 10:02pm (CST)
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